Wednesday, December 12, 2012

About This Blog

For the past several seasons I've kept a private projection of the NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament bracket, updated throughout the season.  Now I've decided to share my projections with the world!

Some general principles that I'll be following on the blog:

  • Beginning in January, I'll be updating the projections, generally once a week, generally on Mondays.  Updated projections before January will be less frequent; updated projections will be more frequent as Selection Sunday gets closer.
  • I go to great lengths to follow NCAA guidelines concerning how closely teams from the same conference are placed to each other in the bracket.  I also check that officially designated host institutions do not play in the same regionals that they host.  I avoid sending participants in the First Four to western sites.  One thing that I generally do not check that closely, however, is whether I've avoided regular season nonconference rematches in the 1st and 2nd round matches, as the NCAA selection committee generally does.
  • My decision to publish this is inspired by the excellent Bracket Project Blog, a site with which all devoted bracketologists and college basketball junkies should be familiar.
  • I generally won't pay any attention to conference standings (to project automatic bids) until teams are about halfway through conference play.  Once conference championship tournaments are underway, the results of these tournaments will obviously trump regular season standings in determining automatic bids, with the obvious exception of the Ivy League, which does not have a conference championship tournament.
  • Teams ineligible for postseason play are excluded from consideration.

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